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  • Underwater accelerometer

    Top exit, underwater accelerometer, 10ft integral J6 cable, titanium case, case isolated, 100 mV/g
    • Hermetically sealed
    • Titanium case
    • 650 psi rated
    • Integral, underwater cable
    • IP68 rated
  • Ultra low-noise wide band hydrophone

    The H507A wide band (10 Hz to 100 kHz) hydrophone is a very small, high-sensitivity device incorporating an ultra-low noise preamplifier (-166 dB re 1V/√Hz at 10 kHz) and a circuit for the insertion of an electrical calibration signal. In addition, the preamplifier can drive up to 200 meters of cable. The sensor and amplifier are electrostatically shielded and molded in hydrolytically stable, void free polyurethane.
    • Small size
    • High sensitivity
    • Electrostatically shielded