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Air cooled electro spindle

Automatic tool change spindle motors for machining wood, marble, glass, plastic and aluminum. These spindle motors are characterized by their extremely high reliability and the wide range of powers and operating speeds. They are available with ISO30, HSK F50, HSK F63 tool holder shafts with powers ranging from 3.5kw up to 13.5kw and speeds up to 24000 rpm for all versions. The declared power ratings are guaranteed during continuous service, while the available powers for machining can be up to 100% during discontinuous operations (for example when machining solid wood).

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[supsystic-tables id=’8′] Motors with a suffix ending in H have hollow shafts


Three ranges of High Speed, Asynchronous, Spindle Motors are available with power ratings from 0.65 to 18kW and speeds up to 50,000 rpm.

Suitable for machining:

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Aluminium

  • Marble

  • Glass

Applications include:

  • Grinding

  • Routing

  • Drilling

  • Sawing

  • Cutting

  • Boring

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HT and HM ranges : are designed for speeds up to 24,000 rpm and are for manual tool change applications.

ES range : is for speeds up to 50,000 rpm with automatic tool changing. The ES range is available with either an ISO 30 or HSK tool holder in both short nose and long nose versions.

An electric fan option is available to improve cooling when the motor is to be operated at reduced speeds.

Liquid and compressed air cooling are available on the ES range.

Bearings are precision ABEC Grade 7, grease lubricated and sealed for life. The motors have been designed to eliminate bearing damage from foreign particles.

Bearings for high axial and high radial loads are available as an option.

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