Encapsulation & Conformal Coating

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With our extensive knowledge in the field, we can assist in finding the most suitable compound for your conformal coating or Encapsulation requirements.
We can Conformal Coat / Encapsulate most shapes and sizes with minimal tooling costs.

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    Conformal Coating

    Thin film covering typically @25 -250 microns clear but can be coloured. Minimal weight increase but offering protection from moisture, dust, fungus, shock & vibration etc.


    Can be applied from 0.5mm thick but generally used to a much greater thickness. Also available in clear and coloured. Although increased weight the protection offered is greater than the conformal coating with additional harsh environment use.

    Why Choose Us

    • Over 45 Years experience in the cable assembly industry.

    • No minimum quantities.

    • Quick Turnaround

    • Low cost tooling (if required)

    • A BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Company.



    Encapsulation is applied by hand or by our Meter Mix automated mix/pour machine. Encapsulation can be to an enclosure or mould with masked connectors, potentiometers, wires etc.

    • Moisture / Immersion

    • Harsh Environment

    • Intrinsically safe

    • High Degree of electrical insulation

    • Chemicals

    • Higher shock absorption with Polyurethane encapsulation

    • Vibration

    • Security – Protection of designs

    • Encapsulate within enclosure or mould to form shell

    • Add isolated mounting holes

    Conformal Coating

    Conformal coating is applied by either brush or spray with masking for sensitive components, connectors etc.

    • Moisture

    • Dust
    • Electrical Insulation
    • Shock
    • Vibration