Ultrasound detection kit, leak detection

Ultrasound leak detector, 40 kHz (±1.5 kHz) ultrasound receiver, headset, acoustic concentrators and extension probes for detecting airborne ultrasound, industrial carrying case

Detect leaks of any type of gas from vacuums, valves, steam systems, HVAC systems, and sealed cabins or containers. Compressed air leaks account for 25-30% of compressor energy demand. Repairing one compressed air leak can save $250-$18,500 per year. HVAC leak testing can be performed outside with no impact.

Indicate and locate pressurized and non-pressurized system leaks of any type of gas. Unlike most leakage detectors, which detect a characteristic of a specific gas, the receiver detects the turbulent airflow of any compressed gas. Detecting and repairing one leak of an expensive gas can save more than the price of the UDK-LK kit.

This kit includes

Ultrasound receiver
Concentrator set: acoustic tip, mini concentrator, large concentrator
Acoustic extension probe set: adapter, 2 double-threaded 12” metal probes, single-threaded 12” metal probe, 12” polycarbonate probe
Heavy duty carrying case

Ultrasound kit features

  • Easy to use, “point and shoot”
  • Long battery life, >45 hours
  • Standard and intrinsically safe receivers
  • Behind-the-head headset compatible with hard hats
  • Piezoelectric sensing element
  • Includes all equipment for electrical safety inspection


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