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Sophisticated design in ultra compact dimensions.

This series of servomotors features an ultra-compact design guaranteed to achieve high dynamic performance in minimum dimensions. The power, precision, compactness and availability to co-design with the customer allow us to create high performing machines available in 5 sizes. This allows Ultra Compact servomotors to be an ideal solution for all applications that require dynamic performance and maximum power density.

The sophisticated design of the Ultra Compact servomotors is dedicated to industrial applications that require a smooth and extremely precise motion, such as in the printing and medical sectors. The compact design with Hiperface DSL single connector offers quick and easy installation, ensuring the highest level of communication between motor and drive.

The maximum speed control, the high performance of our servo motor and the possibility of customizing the solution to the application translate into maximum performance, high reliability and precision.

Main advantages of Ultra Compact

  • Up to +30% torque density, which allows greater power in every motor size
  • High quality and torque stability that ensure regularity and precision of movement
  • Up to 20% reduction in overall dimensions
  • Single connector DSL interface for easier and more effective integration


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