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DC Motor

Designed for optimum performance and durability in demanding variable-speed motor applications, Callan Technology’s DC servo motors have earned a reputation for dependability in severe operating conditions.

Callan Technology’s DC high performance servo motors were designed rugged to meet demanding requirements of industrial motion control. They can be supplied with many electrical and mechanical options so the design fits your application. Some of the many options available include: tachometers, encoders, brakes, special mountings, special shafts, different windings, connectors, environmental sealing.

The DC servo motors family provide continuous stall torques from 0.4Nm (0.3 lb-ft) to 30Nm (24 lb-ft.) They are designed to provide reliability and dependability and long life in today’s tough applications.

Motor FamilyTorque (Nm)Voltage DC (V)Speed (RPM)Frame Size (Ø mm)Shaft Diameter (Ø mm)
TT 203X/204X0.3 to 1.290 max.600030.5
TT-293X1.7 to 8.7115 max.45004.50.75
TT-295X1.5 to 6.0115 max.50004.50.75
TT-420X7.5 to 22140 max.32006.51.375
TT-423X7.8 to 24.5140 max.36006.51.375


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Motor Family

TT 203X/204X, TT-293X, TT-295X, TT-420X, TT-423X