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TGF Series


A range of Tachogenerators to fit the TT series of Servomotors. They are 2-pole and 4-pole frameless tachos, ranging in Voltage sensitivity from 3V/krpm to 57V/krpm, although many other voltage constants can be catered for.

The TGF 1568 tacho is a 2 pole tachogenerator with a Voltage of 3Vkrpm and 7V/krpm. This tacho is generally used in the TT-203X , TT204X and TT 200X range of motors.

Tacho FamilyVoltage (V/krpm)Shaft Bore Size (mm (inch))Specification
TGF 15687.09.525 (0.375) View
TGF 18107.0 to 3212 (0.473) View
TGF 203019 to 5712 (0.473) or 15.87 (0.625)View


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Motor Family

TT 203X/204X, TT-293X, TT-295X, TT-420X, TT-423X