Inductive transducer conditioner/analog output.

  • Power supply max & consumption (@ max.load sensor and I out=20mA)

  • -15VDC ±1VDC / 50mA

  • +15VDC ±1VDC / 75mA

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Inductive transducer conditioner / digital & analog outputs.

The Meggitt (Sensorex) SX9131 is a signal conditioning card in “Europe” format (100mmx160mmx5F) compatible with SX9000 series racks.

This signal conditioner can handle all sensor modes:

Full bridge (4, 5, 6 wires)

Half bridge (3 wires)

Ratiometric (5 and 6 wires)

The main functions of this electronic card are:

Adjustable excitation voltage (until 7.5 Vrms)

Adjustable excitation frequency (900Hz to 15000Hz)

Adjustable phase shift correction (from -70° to +50°)

Master/ slave synchronization (to reduce the cross-coupling phenomenon)

The output signal is available in both analog (0-10V, ±10V and 4-20mA), and RS485 digital formats.

The RS485 link allows up to 128 channels on a single network.