Inductive transducer conditioner/analog output.

  • Power supply max & consumption (@ max.load sensor and I out=20mA)

  • -15VDC ±1VDC / 50mA

  • +15VDC ±1VDC / 75mA

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Inductive transducer conditioner/analog output.

The Meggitt (Sensorex) SX9130 is a signal conditioner in “Europe” format, fully compatible with the Meggitt (Sensorex) SX9000 series racks.

The main functions of this electronic card are:

Conditioning of linear or rotating differential transformer sensors, complete half bridge and ratiometric configuration

Adjustable excitation voltage (until 7.5 Vrms)

Adjustable excitation frequency (900Hz to 15000Hz)

Adjustable phase shift correction (from -70° to +50°)

Master/ slave synchronization (to reduce the cross-coupling phenomenon)

DIN 41612 connection (a+c, 2×32 contacts)

The output signal is available in different formats: 0/10V or ±10V and 4/20mA.

The SX9130 unit is used for the conditioning of all types of LVDT and RVDT sensors:

Half-bridge (3 wires) (metrology gauge heads)

Differential (4, 5, 6 wires)

Ratiometric (5 and 6 wires)