SX9000 Series

Inductive transducer conditioner/analog output.

  • This SX9000 series is the ideal tool for test benches/ laboratories integration.

  • Two rack formats are available: 19’’3U and ½ 19’’3U.

Download Product DatasheetSX9000, SX9003, SX9013, SX9800, SX


Racks for signal conditioning cards models SX9130 & SX9131

The Meggitt (Sensorex) SX9000 series features various models of “Europe” format cards for LVDT, half bridge, Wheatstone bridge signal conditioning.

Output signals are either analog (±10V, 0-10V or 4/20mA) or digital (RS232 or RS485).

Zero and gain are adjustable by potentiometers on the card front panel.

These cards can easily be integrated in pre-wired racks that also include a power supply card.

Sensor connection (power supply, signal…) is made directly at the back of the rack on SUB-D connectors.

Values obtained from each measurement channel may be displayed on a ±32000 point programmable display with switch selector, available as option (SX9800 card).