SX41200 Series

High performance analog and digital servo-inclinometer.

  • High Performances

  • Excellant tempreture stability

  • Very high to shocks and vibrations
    (accreditation GAM T13 and EN 50155)

  • Rugged, watertight IP65 sealed housing for severe enviroments

  • Conform to European standard of network

Download Product DatasheetSX41289, SX41219, SX41229, SX41239, SX41249, SX41259, SX41285, SX41215, SX41225, SX41235, SX41245, SX41255

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Single axis servo-inclinometer/accelerometer.

The Meggitt (Sensorex) SX41200 is a single axis closed-loop servo-inclinometer/accelerometer, designed to provide high reliability tilt or acceleration measurements within extreme environments, and particularly those characterized by high shock and vibration inputs.

The highly rugged design of the SX41200 incorporates a galvanometric pendulum sensing element with hydro-mechanical damping, combined with an optical position sensor, with voltage or current output, proportional to the sine of the angle of tilt.

When the instrument is submitted to a certain angle alpha, the galvanometric pendulum tends to move in the direction of the inclination. Its position is detected and converted into a current which feeds back to the galvanometer in order to bring it back to its initial position.

This current, proportional to the measured gravity, passes through an accuracy resistor and provides the output voltage.

An output amplifier gives a low output impedance.