SX41170 Series

Submersible servo-inclinometer/accelerometer.

  • High Performances

  • Excellent temperature stability

  • Very high to shocks and vibrations
    (accreditation GAM T13 and EN 50155)

  • 316L stainless steel rugged and 100 bar submersible housing

  • Submersible connector (100 bar en-cast)

  • Conform to European standard of electro-magnetic compatibility

Download Product DatasheetSX41176, SX41196, SX641050, SX641057, SX41177, SX41190, SX641051, SX41178, SX41198, SX641052, SX41179, SX41199, SX641053, SX41170, SX41190,SX641054

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Submersible servo-inclinometer/accelerometer.
Meggitt (Sensorex) SX41170 servo-inclinometer/ accelerometer is DC in/ DC out single axis inclination sensor.

The output is proportional to the sine of the angle.

This inclinometer/accelerometer is available with a voltage or a current output, and with an axial or radial connector.

It is particularly adapted to hard environmental conditions. Its floated sensitive element allows it to survive high vibrations and shocks levels.

Moreover, its electronic circuit is designed to be insensitive to electro-magnetic perturbations.

LNG ships pitch & roll control

Offshore platforms pitch & roll control

Dam monitoring