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MEMS based- high performance accelerometer

  • Linear acceleration/ decceleration measurements

  • Automatic train position control (ATP, ATC, ERTMS)

  • Designed for use in severe environments

  • Low frequency vibration measurements (seismic monitoring)

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Meggitt (Sensorex) selected the best MEMS cells available on the market and associated them to the digital signal compensation and processing stage to obtain an accelerometer that matches the key performances of servo-accelerometers, at an optimized cost.

– Maximum non linearity: <0.05% de PE – Resolution < 0.01mg – Operating temperature -40°C/+85°C Power supply can span from +4.5 to +30VDC. This unit is available in different ranges, ±0.25g & ±1g. Signals (directly proportional to the acceleration) are made available to the end-user as 4-20mA, RS485 and USB outputs. Specifically designed to operate in stringent vibratory environments, one of the key parameters of our MEMS accelerometer is its adjustable bandwidth between 0.01Hz and 10Hz (thanks to a configurable digital filter). A complete auto test is automatically made at the start of the sensor and results are transmitted to the digital outputs and to the TOR BIT-OUT output.