SX36RV Series

The Meggitt (Sensorex) (IS) SX36RV RVDT provides a sinusoidal signal, with a linear voltage over the measurement range.

  • Operates up to ±45°

  • Typically 0.1% for a range of ±5°

  • Works with an AC/AC mode

  • Reinforced core rod (6mm diameter)

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The primary is excited by an AC voltage, and is picked up by the secondary winding on the transformer principle; the position of the rotating core determines the transformer ratio of each secondary winding.
As the secondaries are wound in opposition, the difference between the secondary outputs is proportional to the core angle, relative to the housing.
The zero position is where each secondary voltage is equal and opposite. This is determinated in factory, and the position marked on both spindle and housing.

A rotary displacement sensor is free to make a full rotation, however, in practice, it is only usually used up to ±45°, where the linearity is within 0.5% of full scale. This linearity improves as the range decreases, typically 0.1% for a range of ±5°.
This series works with an AC/AC mode, and the signal can be treated with the Meggitt (Sensorex) 690 210 266 signal conditioner.

The sensor is made from a light anodised alloy. Output is given through a 20 meter ETFE isolated cable with gauge 26 copper wires.

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