DIN box strain gauge conditioner with thresholds

  • Power supply 24VDC

  • Transducer excitation 5VDC or 10VDC

  • Output signal 0/10V or ±10V and 4-20mA

  • Wiring transducer 4 or 6 wires

Download Product DatasheetSX3320


DIN box strain gauge conditioner.

The SX3320 module is a strain gauge conditioner with very low bridge impedance (80 ohms).

Gain and zero can be easily regulated by dip-switch and potentiometer. Excitation can be either 5V or 10V.

Output is available in several formats: 0/10V, ±10V or 4-20mA.

The bridge can be hooked up in either 4 or 6 wire configuration.

6 wire configuration avoids any voltage loss (due to a long cable length) between supply and the strain gauge.

The SX3320 module also detects threshold limits, sensor wire break and supply loss. Failure signal is given through a relay.

Two different thresholds can be easily set by potentiometers accessible on the front of the unit.

This industrial unit comes in polyamide PA PHOENIX EM type and may be plugged into any common DIN EN track (EN 50022 standard).