SX12V Series

LVDT for servo-actuator

  • Core glued and crimped

  • Connector or PTFE cable output

  • Threaded end and zero mechanical setting

  • Pressureproof by O ring on diameter 12 housing

  • Diameter 12 steel housing (Fe-Ni 50), core in blackened XC10 steel

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LVDT for servo-actuator

Meggitt (Sensorex) SX12V sensor is specially designed for servo-actuator’s pressure chamber.

It can resist to a static pressure of 350 bar.

It has a threaded end, necessary for its fixation and for the zero mechanical adjustment.

This sensor SX12V exists in two versions :

6 pins connector output

PTFE cable output (4 wires)

This sensor is an AC/AC LVDT ; it has to be used with a conditioning unit model SX3120, SX9130


Servo-actuator’s pressure chamber