SX12C/K/W Series

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High performance LVDT sensors ø12mm

  • Very high MTBF (Main Time Between Failure)

  • Low non-linearity error (<0.15% of Full Scale)

  • Very low thermal drift (<150ppm/°C)

  • Protection IP66 (K and W versions)

  • Protection IP67 (C version)

Download Product DatasheetSX12C, SX12K, SX12W



SX12C, K and W Series

High performance, high stability LVDTs, Strokes from +/- 3mm to +/- 150mm, Small size – outside diamater 12mm, Gauge head and swivel joint mounting options, 200 deg C temperature range option on SX12K and SX12W, 350 bar pressure range option on SX12W


Test Rigs

Automotive ride

comfort studies


production lines

Flight simulators

Test benches

Special machines

Tests on vehicles

Automated production lines

They are particularly suitable for severe environment applications (high temperature and pressure), and where accuracy and outstanding reliability are needed.

Three different versions of LVDT are available :

M8 connector output

Max. operating temperature 85°C

Max. operating pressure 250 bar

2 meter or 10 metre shielded cable output

Max. operating temperature 200°C (option)

Max. operating pressure 250 bar (option)

Rugged for extreme environments

6 wire output

Max. operating temperature 200°C (option)

Max. operating pressure 350 bar (option)

Compact, easy to integrate

These sensors are AC/AC. They should be connected to a signal conditioner model SX3120, SX9130