SST810 Dynamic Gyroscope Inclinometer

SST810 dynamic gyroscope inclinometer is an inertial product that provides high roll rate and pitch angle measurement for moving objects. It can achieve 100Hz refresh rate with only 20ms delay.

The measurement results of conventional tilt sensor which is based on accelerometer or electrolyte principle will be affected by the additional axial acceleration and centripetal acceleration when in dynamic use situations such as vehicle motion and ship swaying motion. Thus, the effective angle measurement data cannot be identified, and the accuracy is also not guaranteed. However, our SST810 adopts advanced inertial navigation technology can accurately measure the dynamic roll angle and pitch angle of the carrier without the assistance of GPS. Currently, it is well-know for its high dynamic accuracy, long-term stability and customizability.

  • Axis: 2 axis
  • Inclination range: ±90°/±180°
  • Accuracy: ≤±0.05°

  • Resolution: 0.05°

Ship, robot, dynamic GPS assist, engineering machinery, weapon platform, power line monitoring, rail transportation, photoelectric platform, automotive.


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