SST400 Inclinometer

SST400 inclinometer is intelligent renewed product, improved functions & performances comprehensively.SST400 inclinometer strictly tested and combined with simulation & process with advanced EDA&CAE technologies including materials collection, heat treatment, finite element analysis, modal analysis & test(include housing, sensitive apparatus, PCB board and relationship between characters of each other).

SST400 inclinometer adopts Vigor’s patented automatic testing technology, not only general test, correct and compensate to temperature drift/non-linearity/cross-axis sensitivity error/orthogonal error/sensitive axis and so on, also made life test with different angular rate & angular acceleration impact and long time temperature cycle test for each product. More test programs, correction and compensation of parameters can be made as special request.

  • Continuous output or acknowledge output

  • Adjustable filter to absorb vibration

  • Available to modify with local gravity value

  • Mostly compatible to SST300’s accessories and options (90 types)

  • Accuracy up to ±20’’

  • Military class product available


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