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SST300 Submersible Inclinometer

Submersible Inclinometer

Top exit, ultra low frequency seismic accelerometer, case isolated, 2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector, 10 V/g

  • Max 3000m submersible depth

  • Max combined absolute accuracy: ±0.01°

  • Cross-axis sensitivity: ±0.1%FS

  • Special underwater application connector

Vigor’s submersible inclinometer provides very high combined accuracy and real-time remote monitoring of tilt measurement for submerged structures or slow moving object. The submersible inclinometer is based on the high performance, high reliability and high stability of SST300 inclinometer. The PCB board of SST300 is installed in a strong waterproof housing and can work stably for a long period of max 3000m
The stainless steel shell of submersible inclinometer is machined and welded to meet high pressure performance. Sensor adopts special waterproof cable and submarine connector socket, which can be used stably in long-term underwater high-pressure environment. To solve the problem of installation error caused by underwater installation, sensor provide “Allowed installation misalignment” data to reduce installation error. Submersible inclinometer can be directly mounted on a horizontal, vertical or inclined surface.


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