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SST300 Inclinometer

High-Performance Inclinometer

Top exit, ultra low frequency seismic accelerometer, case isolated, 2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector, 10 V/g

  • Highest combined absolute accuracy ±0.01°@25℃

  • Absolute accuracy combined with absolute linearity,cross-axis

  • Precise installation & higher actual accuracy

  • Various output interfaces



Orders are typically delivered in 2-3 weeks.


SST300 inclinometer is an excellent tilt device which not only has outstanding performance, but also has
simulation & process with advanced EDA&CAE technologies including reliability design, strict process control,
structure design, components/materials collection & heat treatment, heat flow analysis, finite element
analysis and so on, to achieve high reliability and stability.
Each inclinometer is performed with Vigor’s patented automatic testing technologies without manual
operations and unpredictable random errors occupied. Not only general accuracy test, but also
temperature drift compensation, nonlinear correction, cross-axis sensitivity error correction, and/or
orthogonal error correction, input-axis misalignment compensation, vertical-axis misalignment
compensation, as well as life test, are developed to reduce additional error caused by filed installation,
and realize care-free installation and accurate data acquisition.


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