SST20 Inclinometer

2-axis inclinometer

SST20 inclinometer based on Vigor’s advanced tilt measurement technology, to meet with low cost, high reliability and volume application, performs high performance-cost ratio.
SST20 employed most universal & mass-produced components, casting aluminium alloy house, universal high reliability M12-5pin industrial connector; full epoxy seal with IP67 protection, auto-test/calibration equipment which not only ensure delivery speed, also keep the consistency of goods.

  • Low cost, high performance, suitable for batch application
  • 50Hz refresh rate, 10Hz response frequency
  • ±0.07°accuracy@-15~50?

  • ±0.2% cross-axis error

  • IP67protection

  • 9~36VDC power supply

  • Sensing elements survive to 1500g shock while operating

  • Available to horizontal, vertical, headstand, etc installation methods

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