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SSH0801 Mine 3D Laser Scanner

Dual axis architecture, automatic continuous scanning
21-bit high-precision encoder with servo control accuracy of 0.01° and a minimum scan resolution of 5mm at 30m
Infrared ranging, the maximum ranging distance is up to 100m, and the common measurement range is 6~40m
Vertical installation, convenient and stable, with good anti-vibration capability, suitable for working environment of mining equipment
No human intervention is required after the start of the measurement
Standard Ethernet communication protocol with 8m power cable and 8m communication cable which are all mine explosion-proof.

  •  Accuracy: 0.01°
  • Resolution: 5mm
  • Ranging: 100m
  • Measuring time: 0.5ms
  • Intellectualization of mining wet spray machine
  •  Intelligent mining of mink trolleys
  • Intellectualization of mining rock drilling rig

This 3D laser scanner is designed according to the national standard of Class I mine explosion-proof d-type equipment, and it is suitable for underground coal mine working environment.
. Capable of achieving high-precision scanning measurement of tunnels and 3D point cloud modeling.
. Independent-modularization, versatile, suitable for system integration needs.
. Meet long-term continuous use needs.

Adopting the explosion-proof box outsourcing design, the overall volume and weight are optimized on the basis of the national standard of Class I mine explosion-proof d-type equipment, and it is easy to install and maintain under the premise of meeting the mining use standard.


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