Single Channel IEPE Accelerometer signal Conditioner

The unit is a externally powered freestanding design for use with piezoelectric voltage mode accelerometers.

The Model SC4602 IEPE Signal Conditioner is a portable/desk top low-noise signal Conditioner for use with integral electronics piezoelectric (IEPE) transducers or piezoelectric (PE) transducers when used with a remote charge converter (RCC). The unit provides the two wire constant current supply to the transducer /remote charge converter and signal amplification/filtering. Signal amplification (gain) is selectable as x1, x10 or x100 and the fixed frequency cut-off filter is selectable as IN or OUT. The unit is powered from an externally powered from the supplied power supply. Led indicators are used to show the status of the battery, gain range selected, filter in and input status.

  • Low noise
  • 100 kHz bandwidth
  • Switchable 2-Pole Saleen Key Filter

  • Switchable Gain x1, x10, x100

  • Externally powered for continuous use

The SC4602 is supplied with the following accessories:
Instruction manual
Universal power supply including adapters for US, UK and European configuration plugs.


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