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Strength in union.

HP Combi is two-in-one, an innovative marriage between a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a variable frequency drive. The Combi package combines the IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency of our permanent magnet synchronous motors with our variable frequency drive (VFD), achieving the highest energy efficiency standards. The range of motors utilizes the technology behind brushless servomotors and asynchronous motors to generate the high torque density that allows up to a 50% reduction in size and weight.

Maximum speed control thanks to a VFD, system optimization guaranteed by a single supplier and our high efficiency permanent magnet motors result in energy savings and up to a 50% reduction in energy costs.

Key benefits of HP Combi:

  • drive pre-configuration that allows for immediate use after installation– the operating parameters are preloaded without the need for further technical settings
  • advanced electronic control that allows you to configure the drive through HP Drive Tools, a user interface available for PC or mobile app, transferable with dedicated HP Drive Stick (USB)
  • opportunity to optimise performance by adapting them to the needs of individual applications by synchronising motor and drive as a single package
  • IP66 / NEMA 4X outdoor protection for decentralized installation of the drive near the motor even in harsh environments
  • greater efficiency and shorter payback time thanks to precise speed control and system optimization
  • a single supplier for the motor and drive meeting the technical needs of both to ensure leading system performance
  • three motor/drive configuration packages to satisfy both variable and constant torque applications. The variety of configurations cover a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

In fact, HP Combi is designed for both variable torque applications, typically in HVAC, and for constant torque applications such as material handling, air compressors and vacuum pumps.

The range is available in three solutions:

● Smart, a general-purpose solution that adapts to all applications with three different function modes
● Flow, a solution dedicated to HVAC applications such as pumps and ventilation, with functions optimized for energy efficiency
 Plus, a solution that meets the needs of constant torque applications such as material handling and compressors, with significantly higher performance.


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