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MPC Series

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  • 100 Mbit/s bus

  • Real-time and deterministic Ethernet

  • Transfer of cyclic and acyclic data

  • LD Ladder logic

  • ST Structured text

  • IL Instruction list

  • FBD Function block diagram

  • SFC Sequential function chart

  • CFC Continuous function chart

  • Fast and accurate positioning

  • Electronic gearbox with adjustable ratio

  • Cam profiles with dynamic phase adjustment

  • Registration with 10 µs capture window

  • Synchronisation

  • Virtual axes

  • Linear, circular and helical interpolation

  • Cam boxes

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Providing both high performance and outstanding flexibility, the Serad MPC is ideally suited to a broad range of industrial applications.

The power of the MPC processor enables it to manage complex machines with a high update rate.
The MPC takes advantage of all the PC communication interfaces and, in addition, provides an industrial Ethernet port as well as a CANopen fieldbus port. The industrial Ethernet port provides communication with the IMD range of brushless ac servo drives.


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