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MD400 Series

The MD Series intelligent brushless drives are specially adapted for high dynamic performance. They can be used in either torque, speed or position control mode.
Each drive contains an integrated power supply, mains filter and braking resistor.

A separate 24V dc supply is required to complete the system – this allows the drive’s PLC functions to be operational when the main power is disconnected. Various plug-in communication modules are available that allow the drive to be used in a networked system. These cover systems using both MODBUS and CANopen.

Thanks to their easy-to-program Basic language, multi-tasking kernel, MOTION control features and integrated PLC functions, they are well suited to a wide range of applications.
The DPL software, with its graphical user interface, allows the user to easily configure the drive from a PC.

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Modal I Cont (A) I Peak (A) Nominal Power (kVA) Supply
W x H x D (mm)
MD400/1 1.25 2.5 0.7 400 67 x 215 x 203
MD400/2 2.5 5 1.4 400 67 x 215 x 203
MD400/5 5.0 10 3.0 400 67 x 215 x 203
  • Nominal power ratings up to 3 kW

  • Integrated EMC filter

  • Selectable operating modes

  • MOTION control functions

  • Multi-tasking Basic language


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