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M4‐420X Series

The M4‐295X is a standard range of brushed dc servo motors from Callan Technology that has been designed for use in a wide range of applicaƟons. As well as being suitable for use in new designs this range can, in most cases, be used to replace the now obsolete MT30 range from SEM.

  • Identical shaft and mounting dimensions

  • Matched motor windings

  • Compatible torque/speed performance

  • Matched tachogenerator output
    7.0 / 9.5 / 14.0 V/1000rpm

  • 24V DC, 90V DC and 115V AC brake option

  • Encoder options available

  • Rugged mechanical design

Note: Where these motors are being used to replace an existing MT22 motor it is important that all key parameters and dimensions are checked for suitability before use.
SEMCallan Technology
MT40P4-76 M4-4202 G
MT40P4-61 M4-4202 F
MT40P4-38 M4-4202 A
MT40W4-90 M4-4203 F
MT40W4-68 M4-4203 E
MT40W4-45 M4-4203 B
MT40ZD4-90 M4-4203 F
MT40ZD4-60 M4-4204 B
MT40ZD4-45 M4-4204 C


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