Ultra low power embedded accelerometer, TO-5 case, 100 mV/g

Embedded accelerometer; 100 mV/g sensitivity, ± 5% tolerance; 180 μW power consumption, 60 μA very low current draw, 0 μA current draw in power-down mode, operates down to 3 VDC; TO-5 standard housing, .36″ x .38″, 304L stainless steel case; weighs 3.2 grams

The LVEP100-TO5 is a high-performance piezoelectric accelerometer designed for ultra-low power consumption and easy integration into wireless vibration sensors and other battery-powered applications.

Embedded accelerometer features

  • 180 μW ultra low power consumption
  • 350 µs turn on time
  • Small and lightweight
  • TO5 common form factor for embedded designs
  • Hermetic seal
  • Affordable for high-volume, integrated applications


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