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FCT300 and FCT200 master controllers can be extended with a wide range of local digital I/O modules.

They are very easy to apply, remove and replace.

Many types are available through SMI (Serial Management Interface) port:

  • 12 digital input 24V PNP + 8 digital output 24V 200 mA PNP
  • 24 digital input 24V PNP + 16 digital output 24V 200 mA PNP
  • 36 digital input 24V PNP +24 digital output 24V 200mA PNP
  • 48 digital input 24V PNP + 32 digital output 24V 200 mA PNP
  • 60 digital input 24V PNP + 40 digital output 24V 200mA PNP
  • 72 digital input 24V PNP + 48 digital output 24V 200mA PNP
  • 84 digital input 24V PNP + 56 digital output 24V 200mA PNP
  • 96 digital input 24V PNP + 64 digital output 24V 200mA PN

Highest performance in the management of digital Input/Output up to 300 µsec on FCT300 and 1 msec on FCT200, is a distinctive feature of CMZ controllers, thanks to the SMI port where the LOCAL_IO board can be connected.

Through CMZ dedicated bus couplers TB20, the range of I/O modules for FCT300 and FCT200 controllers can be further enhanced by using FCT640 modules (FCT300: bus coupler CANopen and EtherCAT fieldbus. FCT200: CANopen fieldbus).


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