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Asynchronous Three Phase Brake Motors (FC/FK Series)

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With ac brake (FC series)
With dc brake (FK series)

Fimec motors can be equipped with a strong ac brake or dc brake. These motors are cooled by external surface ventilation and have a squirrel cage aluminum or aluminum alloy die-casting rotor, insulation class F, degree of protection IP55 , dimensions and shaft heights are unified . They can be supplied at single polarity (2, 4 , 6 or 8 pole) or at double polarity (4/ 2 poles , 8/ 4 pole , 4/6 poles, 6/8 poles, 8/2 poles).

Motors type FC or FK are suitable for being used in systems in which automatic brakings require a big number of stoppings (packing machines , lifting or transport machines , etc.) and for all those applications where you require a type of braking that stops the motor almost immediately . The motors type FC and FK have compact dimensions and are very quiet. The brake type FC is usually supplied at 230/400V , brake type FK usually at 400v . Both brakes can be powered directly from the motor terminal box or by a separate power line . On request we can provide a lever for manual release .


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