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Funtion Modules

CMZ provides powerful, compact and very versatile I/O modules.
Their structure features an ergonomic and easy to handle design, ensuring simple and user-friendly configurations.
Quick installation (DIN) and removal.
Top reliability in connection.
Space saving also in small cabinets.
Maintenance reduction.
Each channel can be labeled clearly and uniquely.
The modules are IP20.


  • Function module – 1 x counter 24 V, 500 kHz, 32 Bit
  • Function module – 1 x counter 5 V (RS422), 4 MHz, 32 Bit

SSI Encoder Interface

  • Function module – 1 x SSI encoder interface

Energy Meter

  • Function module – Energy meter, 1 A
  • Function module – Energy meter, 5 A


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