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DC Servo Amplifier

The AS-80-8/15 Drive supplies 8 amps continuous current and 15 amps peak current at 80 Vdc for a total of 640 watts of continuous power. The high voltage bus supply requires an isolation step-down transformer.

The AS-80-8/15 is a current source type PWM amplifier, and is a power duplicator of the command signal. A battery, a motion controller, or a signal generator can be the source of the command signal input.

The TGF 1568 tacho is a 2 pole tachogenerator with a Voltage of 3Vkrpm and 7V/krpm. This tacho is generally used in the TT-203X , TT204X and TT 200X range of motors.

  • 80Volts D.C

  • 95V overvoltage

  • 8 amps Continuous

  • 15 Amps Peak

  • Input Signal +/-10V

  • Torque or Velocity Mode

  • Tacho or Encoder Feedback


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