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AS-6600 Accelerometer Simulator

The AS-6600 Accelerometer Simulator is a battery operated, hand held instrument designed to simulate the electrical signals generated by many commonly available vibration transducers.

  • Mimics the outputs of Charge and Voltage mode accelerometers.
  • 4  output configurations – single ended piezoelectric, differential piezoelectric, IEPE and mV
  • Adjustable Tachometer output for use with tracking filter systems
  • Automatic vibration calculator

  • Outputs can be scaled in acceleration, velocity or displacement units

  • Selectable waveform types;  sinusoidal, triangular or square.

  • Utility software supplied allows users to generate and store multiple profile sets on their PC

  • Accredited Calibration available

  • Universal charger with adapters (UK, Europe, USA/ Japan and Australia)
  • Carry case with cable pouch and shoulder strap
  • Mini USB to USB Cable, length – 2 m (6.6 ft )
  • Mating Twinax BNC Connector
  • 10-32 UNF to BNC Adaptor

    Optional Accessories:

  • Differential cable assembly – Twinax BNC to 7/16”-27UNS-2A 2 pin connector. Standard and custom lengths available

Utility software offering greater flexibility when creating, storing and using simulation profiles with the following benefits:
– The creation of up to 40 simulation profiles within the framework of a single profile set which are stored in a dedicated folder on the PC. Multiple profile sets can be generated and stored in this manner.

– Create, name and save new profile sets from existing profile sets.

– Select specific profiles within a profile set for download

– Generate a customised description for each profile

– Create a note against each profile

– Change the mV/ IEPE output socket configuration

– View the input limitations of each parameter – reference the “Fixed outer limits” field

The utility software may be loaded onto a single PC or multiple PC’s allowing users to create their own personalised simulation libraries. Data transfer is in one direction only – from PC to the simulator which provides security against inadvertent corruption of stored profiles.


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