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Norwin, (Now KDP) were the UK distributors for the SERAD range of Motion Controllers and Intelligent Operator Terminals. These products are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into machines for a wide variety of applications such as:

The drives stocked by us are ideal for applications such as:

  • Label Printing

  • Packaging

  • Textiles

  • Pick & Place robots

  • Woodworking machines

  • Dosing

  • Flow control

  • General automation

The MPC combines the functions of a Motion Controller and PLC with an Industrial PC. Designed for use with the IMD range of brushless ac drives, its high speed, 100 Mbits/s, Industrial Ethernet field bus allows for fast and accurate positioning together with advanced motion control functions.

Programming is done using the standardised IEC61131-3 language with the user being able to select any of the 6 supported methods viz.:

  • LD – Ladder Logic

  • ST – Structured Text

  • IL – Instruction list

  • FBD – Function block diagram

  • SFS – Sequential function chart

  • CFC – Continuous function chart

    Fast and accurate positioningThe MPC is ideally suited to applications requiring:
  • Electronic gearboxes

  • Cam profiles with dynamic phase adjustment

  • Axis synchronization

  • Linear, circular and helical interpolation

  • Registration with 10µs window

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The MCS32-EX integrates axis control and PLC functions in the same rack. Each rack has 10 slots which can accommodate up to 8 axes and 180 inputs/outputs. Multiple racks can be used to build larger systems.
The MCS32-EX is ideally suited to applications such as:

  • Electronic gearboxes

  • Cam profiles

  • Axis synchronization

  • Linear and circular interpolation

  • Multi-tasking operation with up to 28 tasks.

  • Basic programming language.

  • Graphical ladder programming.

  • Windows ® 95/98/NT programming environment with powerful debugger, Basic and Ladder editors, 6 channel oscilloscope, on-line help.

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Boards and Accessories
Master Unit
SB32EX32 bit processor, 4Mbits non-volatile RAM, 8Mbits Flash, RS232 communication port, Watchdog
Communication Modules
COM232RS232 non-isolated module
COM232IRS232 isolated module
COM485IRS485 isolated module
Servo Modules
SRV85Servo module, 5V incremental encoder input, 2 registration inputs,optional torque control mode
SRV1524Servo module, 24V incremental encoder input, 1 registration input
SSI15Servo module, SSI absolute encoder input, 1 registration input
Encoder ModulesEncoder Modules
SCD22Incremental encoder module, 5V dc, 1 registration input
SSI22SSI absolute encoder module, 1 registration input
I/O Modules
SIB88 inputs, PNP, 24V dc, terminals
SIH1616 inputs, PNP, 24V dc, IDC connector
SIH2424 inputs, PNP, 24V dc, IDC connector
SOBP88 outputs, PNP, 24V dc, 100mA, terminals
SOH1616 outputs, NPN, 24V dc, IDC connector
Analogue Modules
SIA144 analogue inputs, +/-10V
SOA122 analogue outputs, +/-10V
CAN Module
SCANCANOPEN co-processor module
Operator terminals
TD640Operator terminal with one RS232 serial communications port.
122 x 66mm LCD display with CFL backlight
33 keys with tactile feedback
Optional RS422 or RS485 communication port.
TD80Operator terminal with one RS232 serial communications port.
74 x 23mm LCD display with backlight
28 keys with tactile feedback
Optional RS422 or RS485 communication port.
Optional fieldbus: CANBUS

The SUPERVISOR 80 and the SUPERVISOR 640 are intelligent operator terminals that are capable of completely managing the operation of an automated machine.

  • Intelligient terminals

  • Built-in PLC

  • Fieldbus

Using their serial link or fieldbus ports they can communicate with the various elements of an automated system, such as intelligent drives, distributed I/O, PLC, PC, etc.

    An optional internal I/O module having 12 inputs and 8 outputs can be fitted, which for many smaller systems is all that is required. If more I/O points are required then it is a simple matter to add one or more CANopen I/O modules.
    Easy to program, using the Windows® based application SPL, they have a true multi-tasking core, RAM and FLASH memory, a real-time clock and up to three serial ports (RS232 , RS485 , CANopen).

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    The SUPERVISOR operator panels are open systems that are adaptable for all applications that comprise an HMI, PLC, and serial communication.

    Supervisor 80Supervisor 640
    Supply voltage24V DC24V DC
    Operating temp0 to 45° C0 to 45° C
    Storage Temp-20 to 70° C-20 to 70° C
    Front panel ratingIP65IP65
    W x H x D (mm)178 x 138 x 53245 x 168 x 53
    ScreenMonochrome LCDMonochrome LCD
    Display area (mm)74 x 23122 x 66
    Lines x Characters4 x 2016 x 40, 9 x 30, 8 x 26, 6 x 17
    No. of keys2833
    Soft function keys612
    Status LEDs88