Norwin, (Now KDP) were the UK distributors for the SERAD range of Motion Controllers and Intelligent Operator Terminals. These products are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into machines for a wide variety of applications such as:

The drives stocked by us are ideal for applications such as:

  • Label Printing

  • Packaging

  • Textiles

  • Pick & Place robots

  • Woodworking machines

  • Dosing

  • Flow control

  • General automation

The MPC combines the functions of a Motion Controller and PLC with an Industrial PC. Designed for use with the IMD range of brushless ac drives, its high speed, 100 Mbits/s, Industrial Ethernet field bus allows for fast and accurate positioning together with advanced motion control functions.

Programming is done using the standardised IEC61131-3 language with the user being able to select any of the 6 supported methods viz.:

  • LD – Ladder Logic

  • ST – Structured Text

  • IL – Instruction list

  • FBD – Function block diagram

  • SFS – Sequential function chart

  • CFC – Continuous function chart

    Fast and accurate positioningThe MPC is ideally suited to applications requiring:
  • Electronic gearboxes

  • Cam profiles with dynamic phase adjustment

  • Axis synchronization

  • Linear, circular and helical interpolation

  • Registration with 10µs window

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The MCS32-EX integrates axis control and PLC functions in the same rack. Each rack has 10 slots which can accommodate up to 8 axes and 180 inputs/outputs. Multiple racks can be used to build larger systems.
The MCS32-EX is ideally suited to applications such as:

  • Electronic gearboxes

  • Cam profiles

  • Axis synchronization

  • Linear and circular interpolation

  • Multi-tasking operation with up to 28 tasks.

  • Basic programming language.

  • Graphical ladder programming.

  • Windows ® 95/98/NT programming environment with powerful debugger, Basic and Ladder editors, 6 channel oscilloscope, on-line help.

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The SUPERVISOR 80 and the SUPERVISOR 640 are intelligent operator terminals that are capable of completely managing the operation of an automated machine.

  • Intelligient terminals

  • Built-in PLC

  • Fieldbus

Using their serial link or fieldbus ports they can communicate with the various elements of an automated system, such as intelligent drives, distributed I/O, PLC, PC, etc.

    An optional internal I/O module having 12 inputs and 8 outputs can be fitted, which for many smaller systems is all that is required. If more I/O points are required then it is a simple matter to add one or more CANopen I/O modules.
    Easy to program, using the Windows® based application SPL, they have a true multi-tasking core, RAM and FLASH memory, a real-time clock and up to three serial ports (RS232 , RS485 , CANopen).

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    The SUPERVISOR operator panels are open systems that are adaptable for all applications that comprise an HMI, PLC, and serial communication.

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