Lafert Motors are a leading international company in electric motors designed to bring excellence to industrial automation and energy efficiency applications. Their high-performance, robust and efficient electric motors are designed to adapt to the most diverse applications.

Synchronous PM Motors – IE4/IE5

High Performance (HP) is a generation of PM (Permanent Magnet) Synchronous Motors, achieving IE5 Super Premium Efficiency level, that offer improved electrical efficiency and a very compact design.
This uniquely engineered product combines the electrical design of Brushless Servomotors with the mechanical design of AC Induction Motors. The result is a compact motor primarily targeted toward HVAC applications in fans, compressors, and blowers, where there is emphasis on reducing the operating cost or weight and size of the motors.
The complete range 0.37 kW to 37 kW are supplied as stand-alone motors (HPS series), as motor-drive combined package (HPC series) or as motor-drive integrated unit (HPI series).

Brushless Servo Motors and Torque Motors

Lafert know-how in manufacturing permanent magnet motors is combined with the company’s on-going drive for excellence and its ability to offer non-standard solutions, all of which is invested in this product range. On-going research and development, often in conjunction with customers, continues to bestow superior performance in terms of speed, accuracy and control to satisfy application needs.
The range of brushless Servo Motors is one of the most complete available on the market, with nominal torques 0.18 Nm to 390 Nm.
Direct Drive Motors cover torques 10 Nm to 500 Nm.
The full range is available with ATEX Certification – Zone 2-22, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Brake Motors

The harsher the working environment the greater the demand on engineering standards, and non-standard then becomes the norm. Custom-design and engineering fulfil this need to give the reliability and performance demanded. The Lafert Brake Motor series is engineered according to the client’s specification. Total control over all aspects of production permits multiple design options including flanges, shafts, brakes plus optimum resistance to external agents and offshore environments for paints, seals, and magnet surfaces.
The result is a range of AC motors with DC and AC brake, produced entirely in-house which incorporates Lafert’s own technical solutions for achieving robustness and performance, combined with the option for application-specific customization.

AC Motors – IE2/IE3

AC motors have a significant impact on the total energy operation cost for industrial, institutional and commercial buildings. Today, the major factor influencing the motor industry is energy efficiency driven by both increasingly demanding legislation and industry’s greater awareness of green issue responsibilities.
The range includes Premium Efficiency IE2 and High Efficiency IE2 motors providing compliance with the requirements of global MEPS, mainly in EU, USA and Canada.

Gearless Machines for Elevators

Lafert’s LIFT range has established the company internationally as one of leading manufacturer. The motor’s innovative design, with its protected encoder and no external cabling, offers compactness and low weight, ideal for home lift systems or new concept M.R.L..
Its novel inner rotor and fractional slot gearless technology are of products of Lafert’s in-house design and manufacturing expertise. It provides the highest levels of performance and energy efficiency plus enhanced response to satisfy today’s needs and trends in the elevator market i.e. higher speed to greater heights.

Package Drive Solution for AGV

Smartris is the new complete package solution including gear, servo motor and drive for AGV systems, and combines the extensive technological competences of two companies. Lafert customized solutions for electric motors & drives meet Sumitomo expertise in gears and gearboxes. Both brands have strong reputation respectively in the motor and gear market and in the AGV sector, and with this new integrated package they are offering very competitive advantages and benefits.
Two product lines to satisfy different payload needs:
• Eco Line, designed for light playloads and high speed;
• Pro Line, compact solution ideal for high radial loads.

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