Intrinsically Safe (IS) Transducers and Conditioning
Intrinsically Safe (IS) Transducers and Conditioning2015-05-21T12:09:56+00:00

Intrinsically Safe (IS) ATEX Certified Sensors, Conditioners and Inertial Systems

Technology for explosive atmosphere applications


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KDPES, as UK distributors for Meggitt (Sensorex) products, offers a wide range of Intrinsically Safe (IS) LVDT & RVDT sensors, signal conditioners and inertial systems, ATEX certified, for explosive atmosphere applications.


Introduction to ATEX regulations

The European directive applied by Meggitt (Sensorex) is the 94/9/CE directive for equipment which is intended for ATEX zone applications.

These ATEX zones are subdivided into 6 specific zones, dependent on the product exposure degree to gaseous or dusty atmosphere:

Zone 0 : permanent presence of the explosive gaseous atmosphere (> 1000h / year)

Zone 1 : occasional presence of the explosive gaseous atmosphere (10h<x<1000h / year)

Zone 2 : rare presence of the explosive gaseous atmosphere (< 10h / year)

Zone 20 : permanent presence of the explosive dusty atmosphere (> 1000h / year)

Zone 21 : occasional presence of the explosive dusty atmosphere (10h<x<1000h / year)

Zone 22 : rare presence of the explosive dusty atmosphere (< 10h / year)

Marking specifying equipment conformity is broken down into three parts:

First part indicates the using place (II for surface industries)

The second part indicates the category (1 for devices used in 0/20 zones, 2 for devices used in 1/21 zones and 3 for devices used in 2/22 zones)

The third part indicates the zone type (G for gaseous zones (0,1,2), D for dusty zones (20,21,22))

Meggitt (Sensorex) intrinsically safe products have an additional marking enabling the protection mode identification:

The first part confirms that the device is in accordance with the European standard (Ex code corresponds to the explosive protection standard)

The second part is made up of « ib » or « ia » letters, for the intrinsically safe. Meggitt (Sensorex) devices are “ia” qualified (type a intrinsically safe)

The third part indicates the gas group :

I = methane

IIA= propane

IIB= ethylene

IIC= dihydrogen and acetylene

Note: Meggitt (Sensorex) products are not qualified for gas I group as this is not applicable for surface industries.

The fourth part is the maximal surface temperature :

T1= 450°C

T2= 300°C

T3= 200°C

T4= 135°C

T5= 100°C

T6= 85°C


Meggitt (Sensorex) intrinsically safe products

LVDT sensors, 12mm diameter and cable output

Rugged LVDT sensors, with swivel joints

RVDT sensors, 36mm diameter

Signal conditioners for LVDT and RVDT sensors

Inclinometers and accelerometers