The Intelligent Transmitter (iT) Series is a complete family of units that provide signal conditioning for simplified online vibration monitoring and provide a Total Lower Cost approach to continuous monitoring. The iT Series includes the iT Transmitters and iT Alarm.

  1. The iT Transmitter is a signal conditioning module that interfaces with a traditional IEPE accelerometer to provide a 4-20 mA output signal and a buffered dynamic signal.  This allows the user to interface an accelerometer with a PLC, DSC or similar system for condition trending, while still providing a dynamic output for more extensive vibration analysis through the BNC connector on the front of the module.  The iT Transmitter can be ordered with custom settings to meet user-specific requirements, or with field-configurable settings that can be changed via the front panel Ethernet port where available.  iT Transmitter models have part numbers in the iT100, iT200 ranges and iT300 ranges.
  2. The iT Transmitter pairs with the iT Alarm, a DIN-rail mountable alarm with three programmable relays for use in vibration monitoring or process control systems.  The iT401 Alarm, which compares the 4-20mA input from the transmitter against user-defined high or low setpoints, triggers the relays and/or provides an alert when the input deviates from acceptable levels.  The front panel controls and digital LED readout make this unit very user friendly.  The real advantage of this unit is that it can also be used with any 4-20mA sensor including pressure, temperature, flow, speed and especially Wilcoxon’s popular LPS® vibration sensors.