The iT Alarm includes three programmable relays – high and low setpoints, and a BOV monitor to alert the customer when a sensor or cable connection malfunctions. Each relay can be user-programmed independently to activate if the signal exceeds user-defined limits. The iT Alarm connects directly to a plant PLC or DCS network to provide additional capability in process control programs.

Each relay can be user-programmed with delay timers up to 99 seconds to eliminate false alarms that may result from temporary irregular vibrations (such as those that occur when a machine is starting up). Users can set hysteresis levels, allowing alarms to remain active if vibration levels have not returned to normal, but dropped below the alarm setpoint.  Each relay can be user-programmed to 1%-accurate high and low alarm setpoints, with a 1V-accurate windowing for a third, BOV-type alarm.