We manufacture a range of PWM dc servo drives for use with brushed dc servomotors.
With rated output powers extending from 100 watts through to 7kW

the drives are suitable for use in a wide range of applications which include machine tools, robotics and general automation and are particularly useful for retro-fitting to existing machines. They can be operated in both velocity and torque control modes and are extremely easy to install and set up.

Furthermore, for special applications, we can also design and manufacture a custom made drive to your own specification. Please contact us for further details.

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The drives listed below represent our standard product range, which are  available from stock.

Type V Bus
I Cont
I Peak
Data Sheet
1710 24 5 10 Download
1720 148 5 10 Download
1740 148 10 20 Download
1740L 80 10 20 Download
1750 148 14 28 Download
1770 205 35 70 Download
2220 180 15 30 Download
2240 180 20 40 Download