Radiation Resistant premium accelerometer

Wilcoxon’s piezoelectric accelerometer 793R is used to monitor industrial machinery inside nuclear facilities to perform continuously in harsh environments. Features – radiation-resistant, hermetic seal, rugged, corrosion resistant, ground isolated, mounts in any condition, ESD protection and mis-wiring protection. Frequency range – min. 1 Hz and max. 15 kHz. Acceleration range 490 m/s² (1607.61 ft/s²).

Mechanical components used in Wilcoxon 793R series sensors were subjected to gamma radiation exposure in excess of 2 x 107 RADs without degraded sensor performance. Wilcoxon radiation-hardened sensors can tolerate a cumulative radiation exposure of 1 x 107 RADs, still meeting original manufacturing specifications, and are operable up to 248°F (120°C).