50 Years of Inspired Engineering Solutions

Our Journey Throughout the years…

Changes to Technology


The electronic calculator

Although big and bulky, the calculator soon turned into a necessity in the everyday running of the business, it also aided us in our design processes.


The personal computer

Computers went on to revolutionize the way we work, from storing data to long distance communication. The first computer owned by the company had limited capabilities.


The compact disc

As computers were used more and more regularly to create our documentation, extra storage was needed. CDs allowed us to continue building and saving our documentation without running out of data.


Microsoft Word

Before the release of Microsoft word all of our paperwork was either manually written or typed with a typewriter, this saved us many hours and meant duplicate pages could be created with ease.


The world wide web

This gave us direct access to new customers and suppliers. We were able to view and order products at the press of a button.


Computer Aided Design

CAD became more commercially available, in this year we acquired our first PCB art working computer software. This meant we could design, create and modify boards much quicker and accurately then manually drawing them.


The Digital Camera

This gave us the capability to capture our products to record stock, for advertising and to aid with training.


The webcam

This made it possible for us to create relations with customers and suppliers from all over the world.


Electronic stores system

Every item coming in and out of the company has to be recorded, before the electronic system every item would be booked in or out manually, changing this process to electronic meant a huge decrease in paperwork and made it much easier to trace and record the volumes of stock.


Automated Optical Inspection Machine

In 2014 we installed our first automated inspection machine, this machine plays a huge role in our quality control process, the AOI has the ability to inspect 200 components in under 10 seconds, before this each and every one of our boards would have been manually inspected by a member of the quality control team.


3D Printer

We acquired our first 3D printer in 2015, this has enabled us to design and build bespoke parts quickly and easily.


Surface mount technology

In 2018 we had a dedicated Surface Mount suite built , this allowed us to broaden our range of capabilities and be able to efficiently produce our own surface mount boards to a wide range of specifications.


What Our Customers Say


“Always a pleasure dealing with KDP, who are always quick to reply to any questions or queries. Having dealt with KDP for a number of years now, the level of service is always professional”

Justin – Senior Buyer

“Fast Response!”

“Fast response and fully engaged to meet our demands”.

Jonas – Buyer

“Highly Recommended!”

“KDP are extremely responsive as a supplier, and provide an excellent service.  As a result, our business with them has grown significantly.  Highly recommended”

Bridget – Supply Chain Manager


“As a long-standing customer, we are satisfied with KDP’s solutions, support and collaboration as a business partner and sub-supplier. KDP have designed and provided quality hardware and electronics components and systems to meet our requirements, often as a result of a process where we worked together to refine our specifications and their prototypes to a successful conclusion.”

Douglas – QA & 3rd Party HW

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